In Secondigliano for L'Essenziale and Slow News

May 21, 2023

Secondigliano is the first neighborhood in Naples that offers a free public concierge service. A project to fight against poverty and promote integration in the area.

In Secondigliano I met Salvatore and Antonio who, before this assignment, like many Neapolitans, were afraid of reaching the neighborhood due to the bloody news events that made it known throughout Italy in the 1990s. I did what I love most about this profession: asked lots of questions trying to step into the shoes of those in front of me to understand before taking the shot. Then I met Vincenzo Strino from Larsec "Laboratorio di Riscossa Secondiglianese" who is the coordinator of the project I wrote in images and words. I am grateful to him for having opened me to an awareness of the importance of taking action which I know will soon make me return to Secondigliano. Thanks to Rosy Santella and the entire editorial staff of Internazionale for giving me once again the opportunity to open my eyes to a world so close geographically but so far from my daily life.

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