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Tanto Vinco Io


"When your life seems to be going very well, when you get the job you always desired, in the city you love, when you have great friends and have an active life, riding on the top of a wave,  it is then, precisely at this moment, that your existence is disrupted by a small insignificant little word that begins with the letter C. “I have Cancer”. You could find yourself in the most beautiful place in the world, in the midst of palm trees, blue sea, at a Brazilian party, but you will only be thinking of one thing, “I have Cancer”.

I met Federica at the beginning of 2013, it was already two years since she had discovered to have a colon cancer. “At first” she told me “ It was hard, I had to leave my job, my city, everything, my life collapsed, I fell in a deep depression. After few months I said to myself, get up and fight!”. Federica fought very hard, she tried to get in contact with oncologists and researchers around the world, accepted to try experimental cures together with the more classical ones but mostly she fought by writing her story, sharing every single moment of her daily life and battle for life.

Federica died eight months after I met her leaving me an enormous lesson of courage and strength I will treasure and share.

“ I'm Federica, I'm 30 and I live with colon cancer. Talking about it is not easy but I'll try. I will tell everything to find information and your help. Fearless. Because I'll win.”


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